Used Furniture Pick-Up And Removal

Charity Won’t Pick-up Your Used Furniture? 

Text a picture of your junk, and/or call 949-697-4517 for a firm quote over the phone. (Southern Orange County, CA cities only)

  • Furniture items are too large and/or too numerous for you to remove them yourself?  (i.e. they require a couple a big, strong, careful men with proper moving equipment to carry them out / down the stairs)
  • Furniture items require disassembly?
  • Furniture items need to be removed today, or at a specific time?
  • You own a loving, but “furniture agressive” dog or cat.

Don’t sweat it! Green Dump Truck can help!

we pick up furniture

What does the service include?

  • We Lift & Load -We provide the man-power to carry and load your items from anywhere on your property (even from up-stairs) into our truck.
  • Responsible Disposal- After leaving, we take the following steps:
    • We drop anything donatable (furniture in good condition, clothes and toys, etc.) the Orange County Goodwill.  *We have to pay $50-$75 per ton to unload our trucks at the waste transfer stations, so anytime we can unload items and NOT pay, we do.  Cutting our over-head, is in line with being “green”.
    • Drop-Off, Recycling & Disposal- We take the remaining garbage, junk and raw recyclables (metal, electronics wood, green/yard waste) to one of several Orange County waste *transfer stations”.

*A “transfer station” is provides what is called “single stream” recycling, where everything is unloaded in one place, then travels through a series of sorting processes to separate any recyclable items from the items bound for the land-fill.  

Why are you a paid service?

We do not receive charity tax breaks or government subsidies.

When we arrive to assist a customer, we are incurring costs for the vehicles, maintenance, insurance, fuel, and hourly man-power, in addition to typical monthly business over-head – advertising, etc.

If charity won’t accept your items, we have to pay $50-$75 per ton to unload our trucks at the waste transfer stations operated by CR&R, and Waste-Management (your garbage company).  With the exception of Newport Beach, if you are in South Orange County, your weekly garbage is collected by one of these two companies. CR&R (blue trucks), or Waste-Management (green and yellow trucks).

And just like they charge you a fee to pick up your “blue” recyclables bin, every week, they also charge us to unload material, even though they will then profit from recycling a portion of it.

  • Salvation Army does continue to provide home pickups, but, as a result of many people downsizing in the ongoing recession, they are getting picky about what they take.
    • (read letter from OC Salvation Army regarding this issue here)

We also take regular garbage and junk that charities wouldn’t even consider taking.

Junk cleanoutWe offer…

  • Availability 7 days a week
  • Guaranteed Appointment Times
  • Deconstruction & Demolition Services
  • Free estimates, up front rates with no hidden fees or charges.

Call us, and describe what you need hauled away, for a quote over the phone at (949) 697-4517.

You can also text us 949-697-4517 a photo of your items, or send it via email to

For larger jobs jobs, such as, large amounts of office furniture, or foreclosure property “trash-outs”, requiring multiple truck loads, we will give a hard bid, after visiting the property.Rates Include:

  • All labor: We remove items from anywhere on your property – upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside.
  • All disposal charges: Our prices include all disposal costs – you only pay for the space you use.
  • All recycling & donating to local charities: We donate and recycle any re-usable items to local charities.

*There is no charge to have us do an onsite quote.